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Commercial Building Inspection

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Infrared Roof Inspections

Infrared Roof System Moisture Inspection and Leak Location Read More 

Infrared Electrical Inspections with Ultrasound

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Infrared Air Leakage & Energy Loss Inspections

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Infrared Leak and Moisture Inspections

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Commercial Property Infrared & Daylight Inspection Services

Due Diligence Inspections and Infrared Assessments

Armco Inspections offers thorough, consistent, and knowledgeable infrared and daylight site inspections to property buyers, contractors, business owners, investors and lending institutions. Armco Inspections provides cost-effective resources and reports to clients that want to decrease their energy bills, lower their maintenance costs, improve their environment, and/or reduce the risk of their real estate investments.

From Raleigh, North Carolina to areas across the southeast, we’ve been serving our clients for over a decade with the expertise they need for their specific properties. If you need infrared thermographic inspection services or commercial building condition assessments, Armco Inspections is the solution you’ve been looking for!